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Day: December 12, 2000

Thanks for the great feedback over the last few days, both in email and the forums. The general consensus is what I wanted to do and that is to keep producing a version of blueprint that is bug free and feature rich. For those that are impatient and want everything today, sorry. It’s just not going to happen. I’m not going to rush this out the door just to satisfy a few. If you feel you want to sling rocks and arrows at me, go ahead. I would prefer to provide something spectacular to you than something that just creeps by. Don’t worry though. You won’t have to wait long. I’m sure blueprint will be under everyone’s Christmas tree soon. That’s it. Back to work and some major clean-ups to the system with the exporter.

There are a few things I’ve neglected over the last few weeks while I’ve been huddled inside the bluespace. Namely the file formats are outstanding and I’ve been a little lax in updating the developer diaries. I have the CMX/SKN format ready, just have to send it off to Maxis for a final nod and put it up on the site. I’ll see if I can sit down and do a long winded diary later this week with lots of gooey blueprint internals for those that follow such stuff.

Okay, more to yesterdays comments about releasing a working program but without all the bells and whistles. I haven’t received a lot of feedback so either you guys are not interested or you fell asleep after my first sentance. In any case, here’s the skinny. I could have a working, exporting blueprint for you this weekend if you wanted. However, remember this. a) There would be no new features from the current program (the version you can download, but with some bug fixes) and b) Multi-tile and animated objects would not be supported (in fact they would be filtered out from the clone list to make sure nobody did this). Personally I really don’t see a great advantage to having this because basically the program isn’t complete yet but hey, if you really want this, I can provide it. Just means putting aside the current version that you’ve been seeing, going back to the previous one and finishing a few things for the exporting. I realize some people are impatient waiting. I too wonder why a game company can have a working demo for E3 available in March, yet not release the game to the public until the next year. Again, you’re feedback is requested on this but in the meantime I’ll just keep plodding along with what I have. Thanks.