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Day: December 15, 2000

ARGH! Just when you thought it was safe to name your application… I got word from Claudia in Switzerland (amazing the corners of the globe I can reach) that SimView is actually the name of a program by SEIMANS. Since these guys are one of the largest corporations in the world, I’m not about to have their legal eagles come breathing down my neck if SimView wins in the vote (it was actually leading). So I had to change that to SimViewer. As well, SimScan is a commercial product that another company owns so I’ve changed that too. Some of the others show up in a search but nothing major. Either someone elses freeware program or in the case of SimCat, the name of some simulation conference so I don’t think they’ll mind.

This of course begs the question of how many other “Sim” programs out there match up to some real world, copyrighted, names? The multi-neighborhood tool EliSims has a real-world counterpart thats the name of an electricity industry simulation system at the Los Alamos National Library. Chatter Box, the Maxis demo that allows you to preview the Sims talking is also a person-to-person sports communication system. SimLink, a program that allows you to use playlists for your MP3s in The Sims can also be found as a Gene mapping program at the Center for Scientific Mapping and here as a program to detect linkage given family history information. It’s also a line of electronic controls found here. And the happy Maxis program FaceLift that creates variations on heads for your Sims is actually a Multidimensional NMR Basepoint Correction Software (whatever the heck that means) available at the National Magnetic Resonance Facility at Madison (of course, FaceLift was renamed to FaceLift Gold by Maxis at some point). So head out to the web and check your software! You’ll never know what you find…

Okay, thanks to EVERYONE for sending in so many great suggestions for the new name for, well, you know, that software (I know, it’s still all over the site but I’m trying to avoid the name now from fear of angry German engineers coming down with the wrath of the lost ark upon me). It was a tough time narrowing it down to 10 finalists. They were all good (even though every one of them has the word SIM in it, something I wanted to avoid but it was impossible). So please vote for your favorite on the poll at the right and in a few days I’ll pick the most popular. Again, thanks to everyone with your suggestions! It really helped.

As for the progress of blueprint, things are moving along as usual. I’m in code maintenance mode right now and putting all the pieces together. I tend to get wrangy (is that a word?) with my development and instead of using my version control system and creating branch versions, I keep making little test versions with added functions or fixed things in it. Now I’m spending the next couple of days putting all the pieces back together again into a single project. I know, oddball programming style but it works for me. This will faciliate an internal test release that a few people will be getting to give the exporter the final go through. After that blueprint will be packaged up for it’s final “present”ation. Please don’t email me asking for a preview or test version because you won’t get it. I have a dedicated bunch of freaks that are up to the task and will be taking care of that for me. I’ll pass on reports and some more eye-candy for you to get a look at shortly.