Oh boy. Lots of changes this weekend and it’s only Saturday. First, we’ve moved to a new server so you’ll be reading this from it. This means (hopefully) no more problems downloading blueprint and other files here. It also means faster loading of the pages and all that jazz. All in all, an overall improvement for your surfing pleasure. The Simplorer name race is on with SimExplorer leading and SimViewer following up the rear. It’s pretty close so I’ll leave the poll up for the rest of the weekend before I make the changes to the rest of the site. I have a bunch of things in my backlog that are on the way including CMX/SKN file documentation for developers (and anyone who cares), new blueprint screenshots and some other goodies. Only so many hours in the day to keep up but I’ll get to them as soon as I can.

One other thing that completely slipped my mind. I have all the entries from the icon contest that were submitted and I haven’t got around to posting those. Thanks to everyone who submitted icons for blueprint and it was a tough choice between them all. The winner wants to stay anonymous but you can find her icon in the current version of the program. Sorry about missing all that, guess I was wrapped up in a dozen or so other things and it just didn’t make my top 10 things to do in the morning.