Wow, just a little over a week before Christmas. Are you excited? I am. I always get this way this time of year. Okay, so the name game continues with Simplorer. SimExplorer and SimViewer are tied in voting so I have to wait a few more days to see how things pan out before making the choice. I’ve got pretty much all of blueprint put back together and now just going through a few problems (namely a crash at shutdown that I’m trying to figure out). Also, I wanted to point out that the current version is lacking in some features that you’ve been seeing on these news posts, so don’t go trying this at home kids. Also, the 3DS importer is a little whacked and some (maybe most) models will come in as tiny dots. They’re really there, but you have to crank on the mouse to get it to a respectable size. This is fixed in the next release as everything imported will be unitized to a 1x1x1 cube (you can stretch it from there if it’s a multi-tile object, but it’ll be much easier once its in the editor). There is a drawback though. Opening a previous mesh saved with the current version means it might be gigantic because of the scaling that you have applied to it. Sorry about that. Oh well, back to the coding machine.