Hi guys. Not much news today. I’m on vacation this week and working mainly on my book to get it ready for the new year and an upcoming game developers conference in March. I’ve ironed out all but two bugs in blueprint that I’m not sure where they’re coming from. I’ll have to install a memory utility called BoundsChecker to find them. They show up as memory leaks, but they’re causing a crash at shutdown still. Oh well, I’ll get it. The 3DS importing has been fixed (I think I mentioned this before but I’ll say it again) and all the objects come in so at least you can see them now 🙂 No dates for the next release but hang tough. You’ll love what’s coming and of course, yes, you’ll be able to create objects with the next version that can be used in the game. I am also making some plans for the future and how blueprint should shape up. Perhaps an external renderer so you get photo realistic objects? I don’t know. That’s still a ways off yet. The default rendering that is built into blueprint will create objects that rival those of Maxis so that might be good enough. Back to debugging!