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Day: December 26, 2000

Doh! I just realized that I’ve been posting the news to a file named test.html (when we were testing the new server) instead of index.html. Sigh. You may have to scroll through and read the messages. I think there hasn’t been a posting since the 15th of December. Sorry about that. Having a blonde moment.

Ho ho ho. Okay, back from the so-called dead. I appears that if I don’t post a message or news posting for more than 24 hours, my email and ICQ fills up with screams of “where r u?”. How nice. Anyways, I’m back on track now and doing what makes me happy, creating software. Hey, everyone’s entitled to a bit of a vacation right? Today was a twisted day. Off I headed to work to find only my empty cubicle and a note saying “Dec 26, official holiday for CPR-Canada” dated the 22nd (another day I was off). How nice of them to inform me after I get to the office. No wonder I could find a parking spot with such precision. So my last day at home to relax and watch the eclipse roll by.

Okay, onto blueprint junk. First the site is still experiencing a bit of a problem with the DNS updates. Even ezBoard (the forum here) can’t find the site. I don’t know when this is going to be resolved so just hang in there. Once I can get connected correctly, I’ll be checking the name game and seeing what Simplorer is going to be called (I think the last count had SimExplorer in the running, which is fine with me). Otherwise, back to work on big blue and getting things finished. No, I do NOT have any dates and please do not ask. You’ll just be ignored. I’m not being snooty (okay, maybe a little) but I get so many “when will it be ready” and I’m tired of telling everyone the same thing. Yes, everyone is waiting and waiting and these things just take time to do.