Okay, back to blue. I see that Maxis just released a new program called the Character Makeover Studio (or something like that). This is apparently a replacement program for SimShow and will allow you to actually edit the clothes/mesh of a character already in the game. Looks interesting but as a beta release it’s prone to crashing (did this to me first time out). One of the interesting features is a list of all the animations in the game that it allows you to pick for a preview. Now people can preview any animation from the game with this tool. What’s curious about this is that’s what I put into blueprint when I added the character support. You can choose any animation and even better (for scene builder mode) you can step through the animations frame by frame if you want to get just the right position. Anyways, means I’m doing something right. You can grab the new Maxis program at their site here.

I have a couple of things on the run right now with blueprint including a new release soon. No word on when but I’m happy with things so far and I want to get this out to you as soon as possible. Also a bit of a makeover for the site, cleaning up some things and moving things around. Non-blueprint stuff I have going are my book of course (have to get that done!) and about half a dozen other projects. As more work is done on these (and if you’re interested) I’ll provide some URLs for you to go play.