Some days I wake up wondering what in the world some people are thinking. Then there’s today. Okay, step back a few months and blueprint has a strong mailing list going, lots of discussion and what not and lots of exciting things going on. Everyone being adult-like and socialable to everyone. Then a few maniacs get online and start calling people names and generally acting like idiots. Okay, timewarp back to the present. What’s channged? The mailing list is gone but there are still various lingering morons doing exactly the same thing as before yet on a grander scale, scattered all over the various forums. Sheesh. What is with you people? The signal to noise ratio is so high in there that I’m getting complaints from people that they don’t want to read anything else from there and have left the board. Thanks. Normally I don’t get all Liza Minelli about this in a public news post, but it’s just gone over the edge. I cannot believe how idiotic some of you are, saying one thing one moment and something completely opposite the next. So, final heed. If the forums continue to pile up the bull like they have over the last few weeks, I’ll just delete them. Simple. No worries for me because I won’t have to wade through a pile of garbage everyday. Less maintenance and more time for me to relax and take care of other business. No, I’m not threatening anyone in particular. I’m just saying this is the final straw for me. So if you wake up one morning next week and find the forums gone, don’t be so surprised.