A word or two on the next release of blueprint. There’s some discussion about how it quickly bloated overnight from a simple mesh translator to a full featured program. It turns out after getting into it, there was really no need for a program that translated meshes into objects. Especially since you still had to go through the motions of editing the object. And the mesh had to be positioned. And scaled. And rotated. And and and. So the current incantation of blueprint is really what it has to be, not some trumped up vision of a batty programmer. With that said, it will still be some time before there are gadzillions of features in the program, but since The Sims is planning to be around for awhile, so am I. The next release will pretty much fix everything there is and get you creating objects in no time. However, there is still a catch (there always is right?). I won’t be supporting multi-tile objects or animated objects in the initial release (the next one). The reason is simple. Both these object attributes present different and unique problems that are being worked on, but it’s just not there yet. Maybe some ray of sunlight will shine down on me and magical elves will come into my house in the night and fix these features, but until that happens (or I get time to sit down and concentrate on it) it will be along in a future release. Slicing objects in 3D is a real pain and it involves splitting polygons and blueprint just isn’t up to snuff on that yet. Maxis has the luxury of using 3D Studio to do it for them (with a plug-in) and uses their ray-casting engine and other system features that have been developed over the years. I’m just starting out on this venture. This is of course not to say it’s going to be years, just a little while off yet. As for animated objects, that involves some careful thinking and gobs of coding to make it seamless to the user. I know what you’re saying right now. “Oh but why not just let us do it and we’ll figure it out for ourselves”. Considering there are hundreds of people that email Don Hopkins and ask simple questions about how to change the color of an object or how to position it in Transmogrifer, that’s peanuts compared to this. So again, that will come along shortly after the first release and be both practical and useful. Now, does this limit you in what you can create? Somewhat. However, my main goal is to get a program out to you as soon as possible and these features will just delay that release for n weeks, besides, I have yet to see anyone make a new multi-tile object like a bed or a car with Transmogrifer. So just hang in there and all will come to you.