Well, the weekend work paid off. I have the Sim previewer working in blueprint now. This means you can bring Sims into the scene two ways. If you’re in Scene builder mode, then just select the various options (head, body, skins, etc.) and import the Sim. A new Sim is added to the scene and you can move them around and select the animation and frame to use to pose him (or her). You can also use the Sim in Object building mode by clicking the preview button (not shown, but at the bottom of the stack on the screen) and the Sim is added to the scene. This will allow you to position a SIm in your scene along with your 3D mesh and get the positioning and sizing just right. I may add the capability to select the animated pose for the Sim in object mode as well which will allow you to say select the Sim and choose the sitting animation if you’re making a chair. Then you’ll know 100% that your new chair you’re building will fit perfectly in the game. Click in the thumbnail below for a full sized screenshot.