Ahhh. Lots of great stuff happening in the world of blueprint. Like I said yesterday, work is progressing on the next version and things look great so far. The interface is getting an overhaul and many new features added including multiple viewports, more viewing modes and other goodies. One of the main updates to the system is the merger of SSB (The Sims Scene Builder) and blueprint. This was something that was going to happen anyways, but I figured it’s best to do it now for the 1.0 release. What this means is that there are 2 modes blueprint operates in, object mode and scene mode. Object mode is just like the blueprint you have today. You view your object from various angles, manipulate the mesh, apply materials/textures and edit the game properties for the object. Scene mode lets you go wild where you can import Sim meshes (and model files from other games), position the camera anywhere you want and setup a scene for exporting to JPG, BMP, GIF and other formats. Oh yeah, I mentioned there are 2 modes it operates in, but there’s actually 3 (and perhaps more depending on how ambitious I get over the next few weeks). I won’t tell you what the other mode is but it’s a bonus thing. Some new screenshots will reveal it in time (insert evil laughter).