Ugh. Well, our server is just plain having trouble. I guess the popularity of SimFreaks and blueprint is growing (as for the latter, the madness is beyond my reason) so with thousands of people hitting the server every hour, our DSL connection just can’t handle it. I even have to post these news items to a different server then upload them to SimFreaks manually which is a real PITA. Heather has put a cap on connections so hopefully downloads should be ok, but I know a lot of people have been reporting problems not getting the full file. If someone has a place they don’t mind hosting some of the files then let me know and I’ll upload them myself. Be forewarned though, you might be getting thousands of hits an hour for downloads (yes, those are the numbers we’re seeing) so please don’t offer to host the files without having a connection that can handle this. It’s just a waste on everyone’s part.

I was down last night with some strange alien flu. Thanks to the good people at Contact-C and 12 hours of sleep, I’m feeling normal again. Once my head stops spinning I should be able to look at blueprint again and try to get some work done.