Thanks for everyone sending me the pig. I now have about 300 copies of it 🙂 In any case, from what I know you can clone the pig if you want animals so that’s the closest you’ll get to pets. I haven’t seen anyone clone the pig into a dog or cat yet, but I’m sure some of you bright entrepeneurs out there will get around to it. I’m still working out ideas for real pets with meshes but put it on hold until I get blueprint out the door. Strangely enough, after that happens, I’m taking a few weeks off from blueprint coding. I’m sick of looking at Sims code now thank you very much (oh don’t worry, when I say weeks that means I’ll probably start working on new features the next day).

Another thing that I’m adding to blueprint that’s new is auto-matic updates from the Internet. If you have an internet connection (and I would have to assume you do if you’re reading this) then blueprint will automatically check the site for new updates and download at your decision. Nothing automatic. I don’t want to force a connection if you don’t want it. Some people in the world pay by the minute for their Internet and I can just imagine the issues with that if I was to automatically force people to download new versions. I was planning to allow uploading of objects from inside blueprint so you can share (sharing is a good thing) but after thinking about it, I really don’t have the bandwidth or room to let that cat out of the bag right now. Maybe sometime in the future. Hopefully look for some updates tommorow if I get a chance.