Well, I’m very happy to say that the lighting, materials and texturing in blueprint seems to be complete. At least I’m happy with it for now and it’s near 3D Studio quality during a final render. The screenshot below is in draft mode while you’re working on an object/scene and the image is anti-aliased before it’s exported to the IFF. Another thing off my list. I’ve also completed grouping which was a necessity to handle complex meshes so you can apply materials and textures to individual mesh parts or entire groups.

The screenshot is fairly large but it looks kinda pretty so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. Rendering was done on a Viper 770 and I’ve tested on a GeForce card as well. Once things get stable enough to try out with the test team I’ll iron out any other quirks with other video cards (graphics are so picky these days!). I know, I know, it’s not a very exciting scene and certainly nothing to import into the Sims but it’s 7AM and I’m not building something complex so there, nyah. Scene 1 and 4 are rendered using smooth shading which is what you’ll use for final exporting. Scene 3 is in wireframe (obviously) and 2 is in flat shading. Also, in scene builder mode you can enable real-time shadows to reflect on walls and whatnot but they’re disabled in object mode. The big yellow wireframe ball is the lightsource (only one, but multiple ones up to 8 would have probably made the scene mucho better). This is also not the same scene from 4 angles (well it is but..). blueprint is now an MDI (Mutli-document interface) application. This is the same scene loaded 4 times then the camera rotated around to various viewing angles. You can have objets, scenes, FAR files all open at the same time with the new version. Enjoy!

(note: this version doesn’t have the final toolbar as it’s in the throes of being re-arranged so some options are blank as well there are a few other UI quirks but those should be corrected by the weekend. And yes, this is in perspective mode (actually scene builder mode) rather than object mode which would display the object in the Sims perspective. Again, another morning thing.)