Ugh. Another weekend came and gone. Where does the time go? I really need a vacation. It seems I really look forward to getting away from work on Friday afternoon, coming home to code or whatever. Then next thing you know, it’s Sunday evening and another re-run of X-Files. Anyways, not much done this weekend except cleaning the system up and basically going through everything to make sure all the functions that are there now work. No more new functionality is going to be added until after it comes back from the testers and we find any gaps in the functionality of the system. Then it’s off to the printers and packaging and it’ll be on the store shelves ready for the summer movie fans. Oh hang on… never mind. Scratch that. So after the testers its the install building routine and onto the website. As usual, no date-Bil will promise no software before it’s time. You’re probably getting tired from that schtick so just ignore this post and look at the pretty screenshots.