My mailbox fills up with a lot of yelling and screaming about getting it done, instead of ‘adding features’. So I wanted to try to put a method to my madness and explain away a few things. While it’s true that blueprint continues to be worked on and new things are being added, there’s good reason why they call it software development. The software evolves and new features are added out of necessity as experience grows. When I first concieved the rebirth of blueprint, it was in a completely export only nature. Convert 3D formats to objects. That all looks good on paper, but in reality it just doesn’t cut it. Imagine this, you import your 3D file into blueprint, export it to IFF, shutdown blueprint, startup The Sims and find your object is too small. Shut down The Sims, startup blueprint, re-import/re-size, shutdown, restart. Lather, rinse, repeat. See the pattern? So a reference model was needed to show you how large a Sim is. Otherwise, it’s no different than using any 3D package to generate images and import them ala Tmog. Since the Sim was coming into blueprint, it had to have an animation applied (otherwise the Sim stands there, arms spread out like Pinochio waiting to be played with). Applying one animation isn’t much different than applying any, so that was added. Scene builder mode naturally grew out of this since I was loading Sims why not allow you to setup a camera in a scene and look at the Sim any way you want instead of the stilted view that is prevelant on all websites. Anyways, as needs arise, functionality is added and things just grow. Don’t worry, this is not a never ending project but just something useful instead of a hack-n-slash type utility that would still require a gob of guesswork and a ton of extra tools. It’s important to at least me to deliver a full featured set of tools that provides you with end-to-end creation of objects for the game. This is not to say blueprint will stop there. I do have plans to provide more editing functionality in the future like character animations, sounds, and all that good stuff. Like any foundation, it needs to be solid and scalable. So this is only the beginning.