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Day: January 23, 2001

An update to the news posting earlier. Jeff has responded and said that he has been in touch with Jeff Yates of Autodesk, indicating what his intentions were with their software. Jeff was taking their 3D animation package and adding Sim support to it. Autodesk has a policy on their software and released some routines/tools under their own Open Source license. Autodesk seems to be ok with Jeff’s efforts once they get the license agreements signed. The confusion abounded because at no point since the beginning of his development on the product was it ever mentioned that it was a derivative work of Autodesks or that the program would be Open Source (meaning the source code will be released along with the program). Anyways, you can find information on his site here.

No, the below images are NOT mine. Just read on.

This may sound like a rant and you may find it childish. I however, take pride in my work and don’t enjoy people taking credit for things they haven’t done. I have toiled over posting this and thought should I or shouldn’t I? Some people will just say I’m bashing another programmer but in my mind I’m standing up for the rights of another.

Case in point, when Jeff over at Sim Objects first put up screenshots to his Platinum 3D program, they were direct a rip-off of a demo written by someone in the OpenGL community. He had just changed the name and whatnot. His excuse was that was something he was using for reference and nothing like the new version. So why put the images up at all? In any case, I didn’t think it was his right to be publishing screenshots from someone elses efforts claiming them as his own. I still don’t with any work (programs, skins, logos or otherwise).

So onto the real reason why this guy is so busted yet again. As a programmer, you’re always looking for neat demos and other programs that might help you learn a new API, a new graphics library or just beef up on some techniques. Like when iD software released the Quake source, it taught a lot of people how to do real 3D geometry programming and very efficiently mind you. A while ago, I downloaded a program called Deja View written by the guys who publish 3D Studio (Discreet). It was a neat exporter plugin for 3DS that would take your bones and stuff and export files that could be used in games (it was meant as a basis for writing your own exporter to your user defined format). The program came with an application to view your meshes in an OpenGL program. I never got around to opening so I didn’t even know what the viewer looked like. Well, this morning I opened it up and much to my surprise, this is what I saw:

Well, go figure. The first image is Deja View from Discreet. The second (while it still exists) is Jeff’s UFO 3D. Guess what? The Deja View program even came with source code. So big bad programmer Jeff is off stealing code from Discreet now. I’m sure Jeff will have some excuse saying the images on his site are not the final product, etc. etc. and that I’m an evil programmer out to get him but enough is enough. I’ve also written the author of the program to let him deal with Jeff. We’ll see where that goes.

Some of you may think that I’m out to shut Jeff down and that’s not my intent. I’ve been more than willing to help him or any developer in the creation of new tools. There is no monopoly on object creation. I’m all for new developers creating new tools for The Sims. I just can’t sit idly by when someone blatently steals a program from someone else without their permission or admitting to it.