Hi ho. So another day passes and my email continues to grow. I’ve started a thread in the forums about open sourcing SIFBuilder and would like some feedback on it. You can find the thread here. LIke I mentioned yesterday, there’s a toss up of adding IFF functionality to SIFBuilder like extracting the description from it or generating a JPG preview image vs. open sourcing it and letting anyone make modifications to it.

On the blueprint front, work continues as I fix up the 3DS importing and add some other needed features. One thing to note is that I’ve dropped the idea of user definable plug-ins for the moment. The design I had wasn’t very flexible and I was constantly changing it trying to keep up with the needed functionality in the main program, so half my time was just maintaining that syncronicity. So for now I’m just hard-coding the import formats. At some point in the future I will revisit that and create a new SDK that will cover not only importing but being able to write any plug-in for blueprint (for example, a plug-in to build an entire set of stairs or a table based on some user options). I just need to get blueprint out first and then re-think the SDK strategy. That’s it for now.