Well, it doesn’t rain it pours. Here I was getting something special ready to go up on the site, and my setup program just bombed in a big way. Fine, I’ll send it out via a ZIP file until I can get that worked out. Then of course, blogger, my news service, is down for database updates. So now I’m doing this post manually. Argh.

In any case, here it is. A simple utility called SIFBuilder. It creates a SIF file based on the format that has been discussed in the forums and proposed. A SIF file is just a simple text file (Sims Information File) that describes an object. You, as an object creator, has the choice of whether or not to include in into your ZIP file of your object. There’s no obligation of course, but it’s a nice, easy way to provide information about your object instead of the plain old single IFF file inside a ZIP. The SIFBuilder just allows you to create the file by filling in a few things (click on the image below to see a screenshot). It then just builds the text file for you and you can include this in your ZIP file along with your object. It’s a simple utility as I said so this isn’t rocket science. I welcome your feedback on the program and look forward to seeing new objects out there with SIF files attached to them!

Note: Until I get the install program created and the software page updated, just download the file here.