Back on the pet bandwagon again. I finally got some info from Don Hopkins about creating real pets (as opposed to sprite based ones like the infamous pig). Basically it may be possible to create some animals. Certainly biped animals wouldn’t be too much of a problem like a monkey (I can see it now, the Curious George family…) and perhaps a dog, cat or other 4 legged creature but nothing like a snake or something (too bad, I was hoping to create new meshes for Krang and Kodos, the aliens from The Simpsons and have them running about). It’s a faily lengthy procedure as you would have to create the walking and idle animations as well so this is not a 2 hour job. Also, the animation engine makes some assumptions about how characters walk and handles interpolation (generating animations between steps) so there may be problems like turning or navigating uneven ground. As well, special things like a cat jumping up on a ledge or a dog rolling over might be a problem. On the bright side, it’s certainly not impossible but would take a lot of work to make happen and even then it might not be perfect. Anyways, I might revisit it later when blueprint is out of the way. I’ve done some preliminary things like putting meshes from Poser into 3D Studio, creating the bone structure and exporting those as CMX files. I just have to make a new version of SimShow to support this and see how it works. Like I said before, if I make any progress on this I’ll post the results here.