Even for a piece of software that has yet to be fully released, blueprint has the tenacity of a backwoods wildebeast. Case in point, James Dukart over at office.com, a general info news site has an article focusing on, what else, The Sims. It mainly talks about the fan scene and features some quotes from SimFreaks staff. Further down in the article they mention little ol’ me, complete with what has to be one of more accurate descriptions of blueprint:

“The Sims community is a very odd beast,” observes Bil Simser, a computer programmer for the Canadian Pacific Railway in Calgary, Alberta, and creator of Blueprint, a program that lets Sim users create new skins. “It is very complex and dynamic just like the Sims characters.”

Sigh. All this work and it’s just a program to create new skins. When will they learn. In any case, it’s a good article about the fan world and The Sims so drop by here to check it out.