Okay, more babbling from the dark side. I’ve looked at the SimsPlus pig object (and extras) and I’m somewhat befuddled. Yes, you heard me right. Poking around inside the file I can see elements from various objects, but can’t seem to pin down what the source object was. I can only conclude that a) this was created with Edith b) it was hacked together from various objects (and some pretty clever hacking if I do say so) or c) it was put together with a tool that nobody knows about. If you have any info I’d appreciate dropping me a line on how this beast was put together.

Now onto the meat (or pork if you will). The pig is still just an object, not a character. I guess I wasn’t clear with my post that I’m sure (and still waiting feedback from Don Hopkins on this) that a real pet (3D mesh) with configurable animations and whatnot is possible. Not just a cloned or created object, but a real character in the game. I think that’s what’s needed in The Sims. Grant you, the pig is great and a well done piece of work but it still isn’t a real, sentient pet that you can truely interact with. Oh well.

As for blueprint, I’ve been slipping a bit in getting to it over the past few days. It seems I get home, crash for a bit to recover from the daily grind, and next thing you know it’s tommorow and I do need my beauty rest. However I’m sure I’ll be getting to a much needed update in the next couple of days and get something out to you guys (thanks for being patient, It’s been over a month since the alpha release so a new release is long-overdue).

Also, blueprint (and some of my other programs) is featured in the January 2001 issue of PC Action from Germany (see picture for the cover). I don’t have a copy of the issue yet but have looked at the article and it looks quite good (even if it is in German) and gets into the Object creation aspect of The Sims. Using scantily clad women for the cover must be a big thing in Germany. Wonder if when they send me the magazine I get to keep the girl??