Hi guys. Okay, things seem to be back on track for the website and just as that is settling down, we’ll probably be moving to a new server soon. Yes, I know, moving around like this is causing problems for you trying to find us, but we’ll always be here. Just might take a few days for your ISP to update their DNS settings to find us. In any case, the current plan is to move to a new ISP (don’t remember which one now) which will provide lightning fast responses and all that good stuff. In the meantime, I’ve updated the download pages with links to the files at a couple of other locations which you can download from in case the SimFreaks connection is slow or causing problems for you. Only the major files are mirrored, not the texture packs for blueprint (they’re just too large).

About my post yesterday regarding the pet thing, someone emailed me that SimsPlus has a pig that apparently wanders around the home and does various things. If anyone has it and can send it to me I’d appreciate it. And if you created it, drop me a line as I’d like to chat about how it was made (you can reveal as much or as little as you want about the process, your choice). My real goal here is not to steal anyones thunder but to provide a means by which real pets might be put into the hands of everyone out there easily. Thanks!