Thanks to everyone who offered to mirror some of the blueprint files. I’ll be taking you guys up on your offers in the next day or so and updating the download pages. This means you’ll have a few options of places to download the files from which means no problems getting what you want. We’re also going to be moving servers (again) once Heather gets the paperwork sorted out with a new web provider. She was on the phone to them all morning long and she’s confident that they can handle our throughput. She’s also looking at putting together some banner images for SimFreaks to earn some revenue that will help pay for the new servers (fast, reliable web servers just don’t come free with our kind of traffic). This will probably mean we’ll have a banner on top of the page but then when I asked you guys in a poll a while back about this, you didn’t seem to mind. Don’t worry, you don’t have to click on anything and the ads will be as non-obtrusive as we can make them.