Oh my god. I’m sure the anticipation is killing you right? Or maybe not.

Grrrr. Argh. Anyways, the big secret was that I was going to release the first public object made wtih blueprint this weekend. The reality is that it’s just not ready yet. I thought it was and yes, things do show up in the game and whatnot but there are various problems with offsets and tile sizes that still need to be corrected. Single-tile objects are pretty much working and I may release the program in that state, I haven’t decided yet. I was bound and bent on getting multi-tile working this weekend and set out to create the little (actually very big) critter you see below. So unfortunately some more work is still needed. Like I said, I might release blueprint with single-tile working but I just wanted to push things a little further and it’s close, but just not there yet. I think I need to go back and learn a little more about multi-tile objects. They seem to have more hidden secrets that I need to get past.

In the meantime, enjoy the preview below. I’ll see if I can get this little guy out to you as soon as possible (thanks to hac and Jerm for the bone textures!)