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Day: February 5, 2001

Geeze. Blogger is really messed up. I managed to delete the duplicate post, now I can’t delete the message about the duplicate post. Sigh.

Just noticed there are two posts about the new object below. Sorry about that. I can’t seem to delete the second one now. Oh well. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Well, after yesterdays pathetic attempt at building an object I’m back (or rather blueprint is). I present to you the first public downloadable object made by blueprint. It’s a single-tile mini T-Rex display (pictured below complete with me in my jammies checking it out). Whew. You may think this is nothing, but it’s a fairly important milestone (at least to me) and shows me that all my effort isn’t in vain. I will warn you however, there are a couple of problems with the object (consider this version 1.0). I kind of copped out and used the blue china vase as a base so I only had to generate 3 images instead of 12 (cheap, I know) but blueprint got confused with flipping the object so you might notice that at one angle its centered but the other angle it sits near the edge of the tile. You could correct this with Tmog if you’re really picky. More work for me to figure out why it’s doing that. You can find my T-Rex (complete with SIF file) here and you’ll find it in The Sims in the Study area (I’ll be setting up an Object Page here in the near future).

As for construction information, the mesh is from Viewport labs that I bought for another project, the texture is from jerm and hac (thanks guys!), the base, plaque and support are blueprint primitives with textures and/or materials applied. Two spot lights shining from the front and side were applied along with two omni lights to fill in the shadows.