Whew. Well, another bit of a breakthru here so some fairly exciting news (at least I think so, you can be the judge).

I’ve successfully made an object from scratch in blueprint. In other words, it isn’t based on any object in the game. It was created entirely from scratch, with a basic definition added along with the sprites and a few primary behavior trees added to make the object valid. Now, before you go thinking you’ll be able to create anything with blueprint now just hang on for a bit. The object is totally non-interactive. There are no menus, sounds, etc. so it just sits there looking pretty. It doesn’t even have any values that affect the room. However, it is a 100% pure new object so perhaps the issues of cloning and ownership might be thrown out the window shortly.

So the initial release will allow you to do this, but like I said there will not be a lot to a new object. Down the road I’ll be adding new editors as I get them completed (menu, sound, behavior, etc.) that you can continue to add to your objects. At least this is a first step.