Some clever hackers that have been poking around inside the IFF files wrote me about the display that blueprint is producing and saying it’s fake. This is because they claim there’s no yellow pixels in the file format. Well, they’re half right. The image from yesterday isn’t fake but it’s true that the image stored in the IFF isn’t what you see. Just like the image that Tmog exports isn’t what’s in the IFF either. The sprite resource that’s in the IFF file is compressed (and encoded in some cases) so it only contains the pixels for the channel, nothing more. So no big yellow background. The offsets that accompany the sprite structure tell it where to offset it and in a bitmap that’s 136pixels by 384pixels (the size of an object at maximum zoom) that’s where the offset puts the image. The rest is padding that Tmog and blueprint add to make it easier to see and (in the case of Tmog) edit. This also allows you to change the entire image with Tmog if you decide to completely change the image (replacing the zbuffers and alpha channels as well). Having only the sprite image itself means you can’t really replace the entire image (well, maybe you can but we won’t get into that). So what you see isn’t always what information is available in the resource files for the game. It’s just formatted that way to see it in a better light.