Another day, another turbulent thrashing of code by yours truely. I like to work everyday on blueprint but its usually only a couple of hours which doesn’t always produce anything useful. The blueprint wagon is grinding along, probably not at the pace that some people want it to, but progress is always being made. Anyways, nothing to show you today. Working out problems with palettes. Anyone who’s done things in Tmog will know my pain. I don’t know what it is with Windows and why that made life so difficult what with device dependant bitmaps, device independant bitmaps and bitmaps in general (all of which you have to jump through hoops to get to be compatible with each other). So that struggle continues. The goal of course is to get something out to you as soon as possible, however there are still some hurdles to overcome. I’ve already restricted bp to create single tile objects only with the first iteration (multi-tile will come soon after) but there are still things like handling all the animation aspects of objects to contend with (after all, I can’t keep restricting what blueprint can do or else you’ll end up with a program that well, doesn’t do much).