Hmm. Here’s a thought and you may or may not think I’m insane. I have a perfectly good Diamond Viper 550 card sitting here doing nothing (PCI 16mb memory). It’s an excellent video card and even has 3D accelleration. I don’t have any ATI cards, so if someone out there has an ATI card that wants to swap me for the cause of getting blueprint working then I’d be game. Yes, this might sound silly but hey, it’s a win-win scenario. I get to fix blueprint’s support of a video card I don’t have, and you get a new (well, not new but new to you) 3D card for playing games with. So if you’re game, the requirements are simple. You must be running an ATI card and having problems starting blueprint (a GP error at startup). Two things could happen. a) the newest version of blueprint I have doesn’t produce the error b) it GPs and I fix blueprint. In either case, you get a new video card (IMO Diamond is much better than ATI anyday) and it just costs you the shipping to get it to me. Anyways, if anyone is interested then please email me and we’ll set something up. Thanks.