Hi ho. No news post from yesterday. Picked up a new Palm IIIex from Computer City ($300 with a $50 rebate and my company is picking up the tab so you can’t go wrong) and I spent most of the night getting the developer kits, emulator and various utilities and learning to program it (no palm jokes from the peanut gallery). No, there will not be a palm version of blueprint anytime soon (although, there’s a really cool looking version of Sim City for the palm here, great way to kill time at a meeting).

One tech note. A lot of people seem to be having problems with the current blueprint preview and ATI cards. Apparently you need ATI’s most recent release of the video driver (which is optimized for OpenGL). However, it will not install on W2K or Windows ME if you’ve previously patched your video drivers with the ATI update (via the Windows Update utility). Sheesh. A bit of a mess and I don’t have any solution for you. I will say though that the blueprint preview is just that, a preview and not to be used as the real thing. It comes with no guarentees and little support (just because it’s changed so much since that release and does have more compatible support with other systems). So just hang in there. The bad part is that when dealing with third party drivers and special hardware/software, it’s next to impossible to ensure something runs on everyones system. That of course, was supposed to be the concept of Windows, but it never panned out. So we’re back to the old DOS days when you had to go hunting for the video, sound and network driver for your system (although it’s not as bad as it used to be).