Just a quick update this evening. Working on blueprint (like I do anything else) as usual. Again, to facilitate the speed to deliver a good, solid working system to you and get everyone popping out objects I’m again scaling back some features right now. Most of them were about 80% done but I’ve disabled some to focus on object creation and give you a tool to deliver professional quality objects with little effort. Like I mentioned before, I’ll be doing weekly updates to provide new features along the way so hopefully in a month or so after the intial release all the features I want in it will be there. I’ll post a list of what will be included in the initial release shortly as I firm up what will be completed. Nothing in this 1.0 release will be half-assed so everything available will be working 100%. Some features might be missing (like Sim Character reference models) because they’re sitting at 80-90% done right now and I don’t want to delay things much longer with the release. Also the zbuffer generation is now working mucho better than the dino model so your objects will be as good as Maxis’ as far as that goes. Quality here is the focus, not quantity of features.