Hi guys. Just getting a few hours of coding in before I get my beauty sleep. I do want to take a second and thank everyone at Maxis for all their support and help. Without them, blueprint would just be a silly program that doesn’t produce much of anything. Hmmm. Anyways, many thanks to them (I know, the program isn’t completed yet and here I am with my awards speech) but especially kudos to Chris Baena, Don Hopkins and of course Will Wright who’s been sitting quietly in the sidelines watching what’s going on in blueland. I’m also getting a new rash of emails that are bound for the new letters from hell page. Mostly people bitching about blueprint not being out and I should stop talking and start doing. Typical stuff but it amuses me. I keep meaning to press that button that says “Finish blueprint” but it eludes me. Anyways, watch for an update to the site with an objects page (where hopefully new, unique working objects are pumped out of blueprint on a daily basis) and a few other web changes here.