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Month: March 2001 (Page 1 of 7)

Argh. I hate when I type a long winded news post and my browser goes belly up when it tries to post it. Anyways, changed out the 3D Studio loading in blueprint for the final release so now it should support pretty much any 3D file you can get you hands on. If not, just send me the file and I’ll take a look at it. So we’re almost there.

There is some joy in Simsville today. I’ve completed the final phase of testing/debugging/pulling my hair out with blueprint and the final test for version 1.0 goes to the testers when I get home tonight. Things are working licketly split so you’ll have the final version of the program, complete with sprite replacment capabilities in your hot little hands in a few days. Watch for some fun stuff over the weekend and I’ll be posting the new tutorials with some sample object files (both 3DS and CGS, blueprint’s internal format) available for downloading and creating your new objects with. Catcha later…

Just a quick note. I’ll be down for a few days while I do a full backup and re-install of my primary development system. I’m making some preparations for some muti-platform development and I need to redo my entire system. A real pain but a necessary evil for this chicken to get to the other side.

Sheesh. Where does the time go? Well, it’s certainly a Sim day today. I caught the Sims sequence on Drew Carey tonight and it was priceless. Would be nice if Maxis made the objects available that they used. I’m sure some DC fans out there would like to recreate his office. Also installed House Party and updating blueprint and the other programs to be compatible with it. Just looking through the goodies to see what objects are there and what features you might be able to add with blueprint. Stay tuned tommorow for some new screenshots and some exciting news! Seeya!

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