Hiya. Oh boy. Lots of little tidbits of info to talk about.

First off, I’m still working on a test version. I’ve fixed the problem of having to have the screen maximized before you can export (which is a good thing) and it works on all resolutions now (stupid Bil for working in 1600×1200). The animation setup needs some more work and there’s a strange bug when I try to create the smallest zooms right now so I might just take the larger ones and scale them down programatically instead of building new images (besides, the quality is better this way). Otherwise things look good.

I’ve created two new forums for bug reporting. One is a list of known bugs. This is maintained only by me so any existing bugs will be posted here with workarounds and version numbers of the software that they’re found in. The other is the bug reporting forum. Here’s why you can report on bugs in the software (that’s not in the known bugs forum). I’ll move these to the known forum once I identify it’s reproducible (not being able to reproduce a bug means I can’t debug it to fix it). These forums are mainly setup for the next release coming shortly, but you can post bugs you find right now in SimExplorer and blueprint (alpha) if you want.

I’ve recieved a lot of email about supporting other file formats instead of just 3DS (some people use other modelling programs so they want that support too). It will come along in time and all the major formats will be supported so don’t worry. The blueprint SDK will also come along after the release so others can make importers as well as utility plug-ins (for example, a plug-in that creates an entire dining room set or a set of stairs with just a few clicks would be cool). Again, this will come in time.

I haven’t recieved a copy of House Party yet but I’m begging my Maxis contacts to get me that as soon as possible so blueprint (and the other tools) will be House Party enabled when they roll out the door.

The Living Large screen on my Palm from a few days ago is NOT a port of The Sims to the Palm. It was just a cute little program I put together quickly. Sorry for the confusion.

That’s it for today! Back tommorow, same blue time, same blue channel…