Hi ho,

Well, enough of the blueprint bashing. Thanks for the various letters of support. I’m just glad that I’m helping some people. Now onto the cool stuff. Pictured below is a new updated sprite editor. I’ve added the ability to rotate the preview images (both the image from the IFF file and what blueprint will produce are kept in sync) as well as a channel preview. I also addressed any problems with construction since it took me about 15 minutes to put together this rustic looking bookcase so I know the system is working fine, or at least should be. I’ll post the bookcase project for anyone who wants to download it. No books on the shelves so it’s up to you to populate it with whatever you see fit. Just a small project to get the blueprint based objects rolling. The next release will feature these changes as well as saving the sprites into the IFF files and putting the file into the Sims directory. Seeya later!