Thought I would post some info about how to use the sprites generated with blueprint to create an object using Tmog. I know this is a bit of a pain but until blueprint is completed injecting the sprites into the IFF file itself, this will have to do. Of course, if you’re already generating your sprites with 3D Studio or some other 3D program, please continue to do so. This is for people that don’t have access to these programs.

  1. Launch blueprint and create your object (either with the primitives or import a 3D mesh)
  2. Launch the Sprite Editor (either by clicking on Sprite Editor on the object tab or from the Object | Sprite Editor menu)
  3. Select a sprite and click on “Replace this Sprite”. Failing to do this will result in nothing being exported!
  4. Close the Sprite Editor and click on File | Export
  5. The sprites you selected in the editor to replace are created in the Sprites folder

Now onto Tmog…

  1. Launch Tmog and select the same base object you used in blueprint (you can even use the object that blueprint created if you want)
  2. Click on the “Object Export” button and export the object (this can be done prior to creating the sprites in blueprint if you prefer)
  3. Replace the bitmap files Tmog generated with the ones from the blueprint Sprites folder
  4. Re-import the XML file into Tmog. It will replace the sprites with the bitmaps generated from blueprint

That’s it! You should now have a new object made with both programs. When exporting with Tmog, the easiest setting is to export one zoom only and have Tmog generate the alpha and z-buffers for you. Like I said, this is just an interim step until blueprint is putting the sprites back into the IFF files.