Just a few words about the upcoming versions of blueprint and the timelines. The bugs are being taken care of and a new version will be out to you shortly. This will complete the object creation process and allow you to build new objects for use in the game (if you’re really anxious to get there now you can do so by using the sprites generated by blueprint now in Tmog). More refinements on object creation will be coming and of course the various needed features like multi-tile is coming. Multi-tile objects are a pain because you have to slice the image in 3D and render it that way. It’s not a simple matter of just dicing and slicing up the bitmap as you might think and each piece has to fit together with each other to make the object look seamless. In any case, that’s getting there but no idea yet on how soon. The rendering engine is constantly being updated and perhaps an interface with an external engine (like POV or something) will produce much better quality images. I think the current images are pretty good, but your expectations may be higher and of course the highest possible quality is the end goal here. As I said, new versions will be available on a regular basis so watch for weekly or bi-weekly updates soon. I’ll also enable the web checking feature of blueprint that’s there but turned off right now. This will simply check the website for a new version and download it immediately. Just working out the naming standards and how the update process will happen before I complete this portion.