Okay, I’m back from the semi-dead. A word to the wise. If you upgrade your Win98 box to WinME and install the internet sharing component, be warned there’s a bug outlined here (damn MS for making me do support for them, I should get residules) that will help you through it. I had to play phone tag with my ISP to get things working again. Apparently the upgrade from 98 to ME knocks out DNS resolution so you can go places (via IP address) but forget about resolving any names on the internet. Anyways, things are back to normal and my fears of having to re-install from scratch just sent shivers down my blue spine.

So here’s the scoop. I have a new version that is going to testing shortly and perhaps another public release to handle some various bug fixes and image compatibility. There’s also a few issues like the fact that exporting the sprites doesn’t set the filename correctly and doesn’t export the small zooms (duh). So watch for that shortly. Testing with injecting the sprites back into the IFF continues and it’s still coming but there are a couple of problems. Every image program known to man says the medium and small zooms are indeed 24bit images (which they have to be to get into the IFF file) but the Windows API says they’re 16. Go figure. Stupid stuff like that I have to deal with. For the curious, it took me a few days just to produce the stupid T-Rex object, having to stop the debugger in the middle of the program, opening up Paint Shop Pro, loading the image files, re-saving them as 24bit colour images then continuing on with the debugger to finish the import. Unfortunately you guys don’t have the environment for that and I’m not going to make having Visual Studio installed a requirement for running blueprint so we’ll fix that as soon as I can 🙂