Even though the final version of the program isn’t out yet, I’m doing this news post as a post-mortem on the application. Maybe it’s more of a brain dump for me, but I feel that I may not live up to a lot of peoples expectations. I have to admit. Programming something the scale of blueprint isn’t something that should be done all at once. As I get this program out the door, there’s a ton of things that should have been done differently. Internally, blueprint is a bit of a mess. I didn’t seem to focus on things correctly and thus jumped all over the place, putting things in here and there (not a surprise, I generally do this with a lot of things). The result is that I see myself patching holes (and perhaps creating new ones) for the next few months, something I don’t want to do.

I think blueprint was touted as something to provide an easy way to build objects for The Sims and for the most part, it does this. But there are dozens of “features” that really are needed to make this program whole. Complete editing of objects is almost a requirement. I mean, you can generate bitmaps of images with pretty much any 3D program and import them via Tmog. Sure, there are some people that have problems with that because it does take some skill (and tools) to do but the ones that are familiar with such tools will find blueprint juvenille. Let’s face it, in a few months that I’ve put the program together, you really can’t expect a commercial quality 3D modelling application. So what is there? A fairly simple modelling program that produces objects for The Sims. Maybe that *IS* what blueprint should be.

I would hope I’ve been fighting for the little guy. The guy who wants to make new objects for the game, but doesn’t have a bevy of software that would burn a hole in anyones pocket. Or maybe I’m being too critical of myself and just beating myself up over this. In any case, watch for the release tonight or tommorow and the most important thing I can get from you is feedback, good, bad and ugly, on it. Thanks!