The price of freedom isn’t free anymore (oh no, he’s going all John Lennon on us).

A couple of years ago, as the internet was just a baby, it wasn’t a big deal to offer free services. Free email. Free forums. Free webspace. Companies jumped on the chance to be the free providers of the world and help out the needy. At a price of course. Pop-ups, ad-banners and embedded javascript was the cost of your free service. Hey, everyone has to make a buck or two right? That’s only fair. Skip ahead 2 years to today. The net is beginning to bulge at the seams and will someday reach critical mass. Hundreds of “free” services that were once the boon of the internet are now just faded memories. And as new people flock to a service, that luxury begins to bevel at it’s core as the number of users jumping on board tops out. We’ve all seen it. Free message boards that can no longer handle the space. Free webspace that can no longer handle the bandwidth. As more and more of these internet dodos vanish from the cyberscape, the remaining few that are still running along are now deluged by the thousands with no home. And the large, reliable systems that you’ve been using for years is now crippled and ready to break. ezBoard, the message board we use here is such a beast. Once the goliath of the message systems with its free services, fast servers and constant improvements they now wants to charge users a premium amount. Still, it’s a fair price I suppose but the numbers add up. An average surfer who’s hitting dozens of sites a day would end up paying hundreds of dollars a month to keep up with all the free servers out there.

Some people say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Guess what. It’s NOT true. (drum roll, here’s the finale so don’t miss it kids). blueprint (as is most of my software) is and always will be free. Gratis. No charge. As for the free lunch, if you’re in Calgary give me a call and I’ll make you the best dang peanut butter and frosted flakes sandwich you’ve ever had. How’s that for free?

Okay okay. I was feeling particularily creative and have no news to report. So shoot me…