Sheesh. Monday morning and all heck is breaking loose. First off, I think I opened the proverbial (or is it proverbal??) floodgates when I asked people to send in their object links. After pouring through a couple hundred requests, files (thanks guys, my ISP and hard drive enjoyed that one) and bizzare letters I’m totally overwhelmed on this. So here’s the deal. I will put up a new links page that contains two types of links. The first is any page with a blueprint tutorial or help sheet on how to use the program. The second is your object website with objects made with blueprint (and whatever other tool you used). For the object links, you must have a) a page with at least a couple of objects and b) be a site where you’ll hopefully be around for more than a few days. I’ve been holding off on setting up a links page since they’re a nightmare to maintain and keep current. I’ve visited no less than a dozen Sim sites this weekend and all of of their links pages had at least one or two broken links (in some cases, more than half the links were dead) and I really don’t want to spend gobs of time making sure all the links are valid. So if you have something to submit, please send me an email with the words “OBJECTLINK:” in the header. Messages without the subject line containing this will be ignored as will ICQ messages. Thanks.

On the peeved-off-before-I-get-my-coffee department, one of the families of the slain teachers of the Columbine shootings has started a class action lawsuit against 25 media companies, most of which manufacture computer games. Another low point in history where people blame something concrete like a game or movie for an angry, mis-aligned child’s actions. I can only imagine that some day someone will sue The Sims and Maxis after their 15 year old drowns his sister in the pool after removing the step-ladder. Of course, I’ll be named in that lawsuit now after planting the seed in their heads. I can just see the youth rocking back and forth in his seat at court chanting “blueprint told me to do it… blueprint told me to do it…”. What a world we live in eh?