A couple of things to note as I put together the new release. 3D Studio importing is fixed and I’ve tested it in a special batch mode trying out a few hundred 3DS files I have and they all worked. I’m pretty confident it can load any 3DS file now. New formats are on the way. New 2D image exporters are available so you can export the scene in various 2D formats for webpages or whatever. There’s a few new pages added to the options dialog for exporting, display and whatnot. The material editor is now a little more robust and flexible and textures are rolled up into materials so you create a material and assign it a texture if you want that sort of thing (this is the way most 3D files do it so I’m just emulating that to make it easier for the transition). I’m just working on trying to get an optional set of values for primitive creation added. The idea is that you can click on Box and it’ll create a basic boring box, or you can right click on the Box button and bring up a dialog that allows you to alter the parameters to create the box (# of sides, # of layers, position, etc.) and then create it that way. It’s a nice feature but right now the z-buffer stuff and completion of this version is the main priority so it might come later. They’ll be some of it in there since some primitives are rather complex and my choice of the default creation values might not be what you want. Anyways, back to work.