Hi guys. Some advancement in the new version. Squashing out bugs and all that and the 3D support and texture mapping looks great now. A few more bug fixes and it should be in your hot little hands. I am going to be a little delayed in getting a version to you as I have to redo the save/load functions now. I might release a version this weekend that does not support loading old files and then issue a patch later in the week that fixes that. All of this will be secondary as I’ve decided to completely go with XML as the new object file format for saving and loading blueprint project files. It’s much cleaner and updates to the program won’t break old file formats (like this one will). The only drawback is that the files are larger however this does open up a few possibilities like building a 3D Studio MAX Script or plug-in to export a 3DS Max scene directly to blueprint format. Might be nice to have that if MAX (or any other 3D package) is your thing.