A few support answers today. I seem to keep getting mail about the same things over and over again. I realize that there isn’t an up to date FAQ on the site to handle these, but I sometimes think (based on the emails I get) that it wouldn’t matter anyways. In any case, a few support pointers:

1. Read the message boards and especially the known bug forum. This contains official bugs and some workarounds or information about them. If in doubt, post a message on the board as you’ll get a faster response then sending me email.
2. blueprint doesn’t do a lot of error checking. It’s a bad habit programmers get into by not assuming the worst so things go boom. This is the majority of problems with the program right now as people are trying to make objects without starting a project, or running blueprint without The Sims installed correctly (or at all). I’m adding error checking all over the place so basically you can’t click on anything without first doing the pre-requisites so that’ll be out for future releases, but in the meantime just use a little common sense.
3. Look around on the program. Everything is there. 9 times out of 10 the questions I get asked are “how do I do this?” or “where is this?”. It’s all in the program, just dig around a little. New tutorials are in the works to help out in this area.
4. The major problem right now is textures and 3DS files. Importing the files doesn’t work 100% right and textures don’t seem to apply to the models. I’ve corrected this and beefed up the 3DS support (as well as adding a couple of new formats) so this will be available in the next release. In the meantime, the texturing/materials work fine with the primitives in blueprint.