Greetings! Sorry about the absence on the weekend. Got tied down with a ton of work and didn’t get to posting news on Sunday. Hey, even the big guy gets a day off a week right? Anyways, work continues on the new release. I haven’t abandoned the multi-tile support or other Sim features in favour of 3D flash, I’m just dividing my time (what little there is) so it’ll all get there, but it’s just not going to happen overnight (although I’d like it to).

One of the main announcements I’d like to make is to welcome Scott McDonnell to the team. Scott has been poking around in Sim files for quite awhile is perhaps the undisputed king of hacking the IFF files. Scott will be contributing some tools to the blueprint suite, as well as handling some of the documentation that will continue to be updated on the site. So say hi to Scott and watch for some new tools and goodies from him.

Also I may be adding an article section to the site. I have a few in-depth articles about editing The Sims that is planned for a future project, but I figure I might publish some of the content here for you to enjoy. Watch for that and a bit of a facelift to the site shortly. These articles will be quite lengthy and for the absolute sims geek, but should be a good read for those interested. Let me know if there’s anything in particulare you’re interested in seeing.