Hi ho. Oh boy. Cool stuff happening now. The latest poll shows that you guys are interested in having more complete 3D tools but as an option. So I’ve started beefing things up in this area and the next major upgrade will contain a new set of 3D tools including face subdivision, metaballs (really cool 3D balls you move around to create organic shapes), vertex/face/edge level editing and a host of new 3D gizmos to play with. You don’t have to use them, they’ll be there if you really want to push blueprint’s modelling skills to the limit.

As well, the goal of blueprint is to provide a complete set of editing tools for objects and Sim files. My motto is “No more hex editing” and to do that we’ll be introducing new tools with each release. Below is a screenshot of the latest of these, the string editors. This a place where you can not only change the menu names of the object, but also other strings that are used for animations. Note, this is not a full animation editor yet. You can’t simply add an animation string and expect it to work. There’s still a lot of Edith code that sits behind all this driving it. This however is the first step to completing those tasks. Pictured below are the three types of string types (Regular strings, catalog strings and menu strings) that can be edited (in various languages if your OS supports it). Enjoy!


One more thing, the easter egg in blueprint has yet to be found. Some people have looked at the executable and found the messages, but in order to find the egg, you need to figure out how to activate from inside the program. I’m still waiting… 🙂