Just a couple of support tips tonight. It seems there’s a few problems with blueprint that are pretty common and really just a matter of good housekeeping on your system. For example, some people installed The Sims on one drive, then re-installed it to another one. For some reason, Maxis doesn’t update the registry so the install is pointing to the old one not the new one. blueprint comes along and finds the directory and tries to locate files but there’s nothing there so you have nothing to select. In this case, even an uninstall of The Sims doesn’t help since it’s not updating the registry. The only solution is to edit the registry to point to the correct drive/directory for The Sims and delete the blueprint entries. I do *NOT* suggest you do this if you’ve never gone into the registry and messed about. Doing so *MIGHT* lead to making your system unbootable. Other questions are generally the normal ones like how to do import and why can’t I edit the object in 3D. As for importing, it’s in the create stack under the button labeled “3DS” (check out the tutorial to learn where everything is). As for editing the Sims object in 3D, you can’t. The object that’s stored in the IFF files are simply 2D bitmaps with a lot of Edith code attached to them. blueprint cannot convert them to 3D so the whole point of the program is to bring in 3D resources (either built or imported) and replace the existing sprites in the object with ones generated from blueprint. Hope that helps. They’ll be a full FAQ posted shortly with new tutorials that should help you along.