The nice about the internet is that it’s a fantasy place. And almost anything can happen in this world of cyberspace. So let’s pretend that yesterday never happened. I did not ask people if they would be interested in blueprint t-shirts, I did not hint at the idea and, well, Saturday was just another ordinary day for blue fans all over. The votes against having a blueprint t-shirt are 2-1 over having one so I get the hint. Okay, onto other stuff.

I was planning to get a new release out this weekend, but the blue monkeys are still coding their fingers to the bone but have yet to surface with a final product. So we’ll continue working on things, mainly focusing on fixing grouping, texture mapping and better 3DS support (and toss in a few new features as well) and aim for a new release later in the week.

On the object editing front, we’re working on some new tools to extend your objects beyond their wildest dreams. This includes an enhanced menu editor and the much needed object score editor so that your objects can affect the rooms and Sims instead of just changing the catalog values. Watch for that in an upcoming release as well.