Okay. A bit of a diversion today. I’ve created a new poll (seen on the right at the top of this page) asking if you would be interested in purchasing a blueprint t-shirt designed by someone in the Sims community. There might be enough geek out there in all of us to wear such a thing (hey, I’m wearing a Sims t-shirt right now) so I thought I’d ask you what you think. If you’re up for the idea then we’ll start a new contest where all you budding graphic designers can flex your artistic muscles and design a t-shirt for blueprint. The first step, however, is to see if anyone is interested in such a beast. Please take a minute to vote if you’re interested and what you would pay for this. If there’s enough positive response then we’ll start the contest next week where people can submit ideas for the design. Please don’t break out your crayons just yet. I need to see if this is feasible since it’s something that’s going to cost me money and I’m not going to jump off the ledge without seeing how far down I’m going to fall. Thanks in advance for your input!